master plan

1. Retail Plaza

An expansive area to shop for your daily needs

2. Retail roof deck

A relaxing stop after shopping with a perfect view

3. Cycling Track

A lane designed for cycling enthusiasts which is a perfect fitness getaway

4. Jogging Track

A track designed for fitness lovers who love to jog.

5. Performance Area

A recreational area for a wide range of activities

6. Elevated Walkway

A pathway raised above the ground designed to give you a relaxing walk amidst the lush greenery.

7. Events plaza

A gathering place before the lawn area designed to catch up with your loved ones.

8. Lap pool

A state of the art swimming pool for the perfect swim

9. Kids pool

A space for your young ones to discover swimming

10. Multipurpose/Party lawn

A place to host your friends over a barbeque or a cocktail party.

11. Tea house

A place within nature to find yourself, relax and have a peaceful cup of tea.

12. Adaptive garden

A space designed for the physically challenged, to follow their passion of gardening

13. Flower tunnel

A beautiful escape from the city life, a pathway enclosed with flowers

14. Skate Rink/ Skateboard

A space exclusively designed for skating and skateboarding

15. Fish pond

A pond within your natural lifestyle for you to experience the nature.

16. Viewing deck

A thoughtfully designed place to get a perfect view of the landscape.

17. Orchards

An enclosed space with lush fruit trees and beautiful orchards

18. Butterfly garden

Specially designed with greenery for you to experience the beauty of butterflies and nature.

19. Adventure play

An adventure area for your young ones.

20. Climbing wall/Viewing Tower

A breath-taking panoramic view of the entire landscape

21. Central Forest Play

A natural set up designed as a play area for your young ones.

22. Hammock Garden/ cocoon reading

For the relaxing read you always hope for, within nature and solitude.

23. Arts Display

A space designed as a platform for your young ones to display their art work.

24. Slow walk

For the perfect experience of a leisure walk in the woods.

25. Reflexology path

Revitalize yourself with a walk along the stone footpaths designed to stimulate your feet’s reflex points.

26. Labyrinth

A complicated and interactive maze to unwind with your family

27. Plaza

A space designed for the feel of opulence.

28. Cabana garden

A peaceful garden with cabanas for a getaway from the chaos

29. Lap pool

A state of the art swimming pool for the perfect swim

30. Kids pool

A space for your young ones to discover swimming

31. Pool deck

A relaxing space designed for your rest after your perfect swim.

32. Music & dance zone

A space for your young ones to discover their hobbies

33. Office creche

An office space designed for your work as a professional and a parent

34. Arts & Crafts zone

For your young ones to discover the artist in themselves

35. Senior citizen plaza

An exclusive plaza designed for the senior citizens to catch up with their friends or have a quick stroll.

36. Outdoor Lounge

A perfect escape, a lounge to relax after a stressful day

37. Central Library

An expansive library for the bibliophile in you

38. Kids Active Plaza

A state of the art, interactive play area for the young ones

39. Yoga zone

A relaxing environment designed to help you find your peace within

40. Tennis courts

State of the art tennis courts for your passion

41. 5 A Side football court

An In-house court for your evenings of football

42. Basketball court

A state of the art basketball court for your passion

43. Refreshment pavilion

A space designed just for you to refresh after your sport

44. Cricket Practice pitch

A perfect space for the cricketer in you

45. Flexible Lawn

A multipurpose lawn for your evenings and get-togethers

46. Kids play area

A space designed for your young ones to grow and enjoy.

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Ten X Habitat Raymond Realty MAHARERA registration number P51700019265 | P51700020256 | P51700020881 | P51700022779 | P51700022940 | P51700025355 | P51700027036 available at Maharera website This project is funded by Axis Bank. Other terms & conditions apply. The RERA Possession date for Towers A, B and C is 30th September 2024 and same is mentioned in the respective Agreements. Considering the current pace of construction, we are expecting that we will be able to deliver the 1st unit from these Towers much before the RERA commitment date, currently projected on 31st December 2022. It is clarified that for all legal purpose the RERA possession date and date mentioned in the Agreement For Sale to be considered and it will supersede all other communications in this regard.

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