Key service associations guaranteeing you the best of lifestyle.

  • Landscape Consultant

    Landscape Consultant

    • Cracknell is one of the leading landscape architecture, planning and urban design practices in the world. Our vision is to create a lush green universe within the built environment. Our inspiration comes from 'The Natural Forest' brought to life with a design language that lets residents escape from the urban realm. Our efforts is to seamlessly teleport one to a forest lost in the heart of Thane without leaving the familiarity of home. With a landscape design that performs a masterful blend of linear and fractal contours, the project is nothing short of a beautiful 'Urban Forest' that brings joy to everyone who interacts with it.

  • Architect Hafeez Contractor

    Design Architect

    • To create a unique affordable residential development designed taking into account the principles of sustainability, contemporary designs, and modern architectures.

  • Construction partner

    Construction partner

    • Raymond Realty's Ten X Habitat will transform the locality by creating a neighbourhood which has sustainability woven into aspirational living. By using the latest construction technologies and by deploying competent construction professionals, Capacit'e would construct a habitat that would have the potential to become the cornerstone of Integrated Townships. This project would be home to families who would experience functionally designed homes and sublime landscapes.

  • Faquih & Associates India - Architects

    Interior Designer

    • Driving innovation with a focus on topline and profitable growth in core businesses through defined road-map for each business to enhance shareholder value is the new success imperative now at Raymond.

  • Epicon Structure Consultants

    Structural Consultant

    • We strive to deliver the highest quality of lifestyle through state-of-art construction practices that don't compromise on safety and durability.

  • Godrej

    Green Home Certification

    • Homes of the future should take an extra step towards being environmentally conscious and we encourage green practices to be incorporated in the conceptualization of every project before it becomes a reality.

  • Vaastu Consultant

    Vaastu Consultant

    • Establishing spiritual harmony, good health and prosperity in the project by perfectly balancing the five elements of nature.