Key service associations guaranteeing you the best of lifestyle.

  • Landscape Consultant

    Landscape Consultant

    • Cracknell is one of the leading landscape architecture, planning and urban design practices in the world. Our vision is to create a lush green universe within the built environment. Our inspiration comes from 'The Natural Forest' brought to life with a design language that lets residents escape from the urban realm. Our efforts is to seamlessly teleport one to a forest lost in the heart of Thane without leaving the familiarity of home. With a landscape design that performs a masterful blend of linear and fractal contours, the project is nothing short of a beautiful 'Urban Forest' that brings joy to everyone who interacts with it.

  • Architect Hafeez Contractor

    Design Architect

    • To create a unique affordable residential development designed taking into account the principles of sustainability, contemporary designs, and modern architectures.

  • Construction partner

    Construction partner

    • Raymond Realty's Ten X Habitat will transform the locality by creating a neighbourhood which has sustainability woven into aspirational living. By using the latest construction technologies and by deploying competent construction professionals, Capacit'e would construct a habitat that would have the potential to become the cornerstone of Integrated Townships. This project would be home to families who would experience functionally designed homes and sublime landscapes.

  • Faquih & Associates India - Architects

    Interior Designer

    • Driving innovation with a focus on topline and profitable growth in core businesses through defined road-map for each business to enhance shareholder value is the new success imperative now at Raymond.

  • Epicon Structure Consultants

    Structural Consultant

    • We strive to deliver the highest quality of lifestyle through state-of-art construction practices that don't compromise on safety and durability.

  • Godrej

    Green Home Certification

    • Homes of the future should take an extra step towards being environmentally conscious and we encourage green practices to be incorporated in the conceptualization of every project before it becomes a reality.

  • Vaastu Consultant

    Vaastu Consultant

    • Establishing spiritual harmony, good health and prosperity in the project by perfectly balancing the five elements of nature.

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Ten X Habitat Raymond Realty MAHARERA registration number P51700019265 | P51700020256 | P51700020881 | P51700022779 | P51700022940 | P51700025355 | P51700027036 available at Maharera website This project is funded by Axis Bank. Other terms & conditions apply. The RERA Possession date for Towers A, B and C is 30th September 2024 and same is mentioned in the respective Agreements. Considering the current pace of construction, we are expecting that we will be able to deliver the 1st unit from these Towers much before the RERA commitment date, currently projected on 31st December 2022. It is clarified that for all legal purpose the RERA possession date and date mentioned in the Agreement For Sale to be considered and it will supersede all other communications in this regard.

The Address by GS Tower Al bearing MAHARERA registration number P51700031762 available at Maharera website This project is funded by Bank of Maharashtra. Other terms & conditions apply.